How to Get Free Packs in Elder Scrolls Legends

Get Free Cards in Elder Scrolls Legends

One thing a lot of people ask me about Elder Scrolls Legends is how do I get free cards, packs and other stuff to expand my collection? That’s a good question and there are several things you can do to quickly start building up your card collection without spending a lot of money. These are my five favorite tips for getting free packs and cards in Elder Scrolls Legends.

5 Tips to Get Free Packs in Elder Scrolls Legends

TIP #1: Take advantage of the daily login rewards

Elder Scrolls Legends has a login reward calendar which resets at the beginning of each month. If you start logging in from day 1 each month you will get tons of items daily including free cards, free packs, gold, soul gems ect. With the final calendar day awarding a guaranteed Legendary card for simply logging in daily. (Heck, you don’t even need to play to take advantage of this method.)

It’s especially easy to do since the game is available on mobile. Simply remember to log into the game each morning to claim your free items. This is a really easy way to start accumulating a lot of free cards in the Elder Scrolls Legends.

TIP #2: Win 3 Matches

Did you know that by simply playing the game and winning matches you will be awarded gold and free cards. You will get this reward for every three matches you win and it’s nothing to sneeze at. With every 3 wins you will receive a bag of gold and one random free card.

I have received gold drops ranging from 10 gold all the way up to 50 gold! And free cards including common quality, rare, epic and even legendary!

TIP #3: Do Daily Quests

Another benefit of logging in daily is the daily quests the game offers. Each day you login, you will be offered two quests to choose from. Each quest will show you what is required, the faction the quest is for, and the reward.

I tend to always choose the quest that offers the highest amount of gold but sometimes a quest will straight up offer you a pack of (6) cards as a reward and that’s a no brainer for me.

The one thing to take into consideration is sometimes a quest might have a difficult win condition and only be worth 10 more gold than the easier quest. In this case I tend to pick the quest that will be easier/faster (i.e. more efficient) to complete because you can easily make up the 10 extra gold by winning matches instead of getting stuck on a quest.

You can keep up to three quests at a time so if you do happen to pick one that is taking longer to complete just know you have at least 3 days to finish it before it will be a nuisance. This is almost never an issue, but if you are a new player just choose your quests wisely and make sure to finish them within this time frame.

TIP #4: Free Packs via Twitch

Elder Scrolls Legends now offers Twitch Drops so if you are on Twitch you can link your Twitch account to your Bethesda account and start earning free packs, gold, soul gems, events tickets and MORE by simply watching Elder Scrolls Legends streams!

All you need to do is follow the instructions on this page:

And link your Bethesda / Elder Scrolls Legends account to your Twitch account.

Then pick out a stream (or streams) from the Elder Scrolls Legends page on Twitch and start watching:

It’s as simple as that!

To be honest, a lot of the time I just leave a stream open in my browser even when I am not watching the person play. I might bump the quality down to 160p (via the gear icon in the lower right) when doing this so it doesn’t use up all my bandwidth if I happen to be playing Legends or doing something else online at the time.

I’m not sure if watching multiple streams increases your chances for free drops but I would say I get free packs, gold, soul gems, event tickets and more about every 12 hours on Twitch (So I think the bot is fairly consistent and the number of streams open is irrelevant.). I even got a jackpot package once or twice with several free packs of cards, soul gems, gold and event tickets. But that seems rare.

When you get Twitch Drops the rewards are automatically sent to your Legends account and indicated by direct message on Twitch and the exclamation mark in the lower left corner of the screen in Legends.

This is yet another great way to get free stuff in Elder Scrolls Legends by simply supporting the game and the people that play and stream it.

TIP #5: Play Arena Mode (Solo or Versus)

The Arena mode in Elder Scrolls Legends is another great way to get free rewards from the game!

Periodically the game will give you free event tickets to encourage you to try out the Arena. Event Tickets also seem to be one of the most common Twitch drops for Elder Scrolls Legends. (Usually 3 at a time.)

Make use of these free tickets and draft some decks in Arena. Even if you don’t win, the game still offers you some pretty decent rewards, but going 9 for 9 in arena can net you roughly 100g – 200g, 50 – 100 soul gems, several free packs of cards, and random cards. (My average winnings at Solo Arena rank 1, but should be similar as you level through the Solo Arena.)

You will also receive additional gold as you level up in the arena, which can be reinvested in packs. Some people recommend only spending gold on event tickets and not packs in order to maximize your return but I have found for the time invested in a 9/9 Solo Arena play through I could have earned about the same amount of rewards from playing casual mode so I simply buy packs with my gold as I may not always have a block of time to finish out a Solo Arena run.

(Keep in mind “Solo Arena” saves your progress, so if you can’t finish all your matches and need to run to dinner don’t worry! The game will save where you left off and let you continue when you log back into Arena. I have even had it log me back into the middle of games vs. the computer. So it’s pretty forgiving.)

BONUS TIP!: Play Ranked Mode

Each month the Elder Scrolls Legends introduces a new card into the card pool which can be won by ranking up in competitive or “Ranked” mode.

The way it works is there are 3 copies of a new card available and you will win a free copy of the card with every 3 levels you gain in Ranked (Out of the 9 levels before “Legend”). The first 2 – 3 levels in ranked are doable for most average players with a little time on their hands, so worst case scenario you should be eligible for at least 1 free card.

Detailed Info on Ranked Rewards (Excerpt below.)

Ranks Under Loss Protection

  • The Ritual (Rank 12) – 4 stars.
  • The Lover (Rank 11) – 4 stars.

Ranks Without Loss Protection

  • The Lord (Rank 10) – 4 stars.
  • The Mage (Rank 9) – 7 stars. (Milestone rank reward)
  • The Shadow (Rank 8) – 5 stars.
  • The Steed (Rank 7) – 5 stars.
  • The Apprentice (Rank 6) – 5 stars.
  • The Warrior (Rank 5) – 7 stars. (Milestone rank reward)
  • The Lady (Rank 4) – 6 stars.
  • The Tower (Rank 3) – 6 stars.
  • The Atronach (Rank 2) – 6 stars.
  • The Thief (Rank 1) – 7 stars. (Milestone rank reward)
  • Rank Legend

Getting 2 free cards is pretty doable also with the last 3 ranks being more competitive, so most likely you will be able to get 2 – 3 free cards each month if you put in a little time in Ranked Mode.

The great thing about the monthly cards is they are “Epic” quality (Purple) meaning they typically cost 400 soul gems each to craft. So if you win even 2, you can spend 400 soul gems to get the third 3 (if it’s worthwhile) and still save yourself a lot of resources.

I believe once back in 2016 the monthly card was even a Legendary (Staff of Sparks?) which would be an incredible value to get 3 for free!


Elder Scrolls Legends is a great game whether you are new to strategy card games (like myself) or simply enjoy that type of game. It’s easy to pickup and a challenge to master. As with all types of competitive games or collectible hobbies obviously spending money will help you become competitive quicker. (It’s hard to collect baseball cards or comics if you don’t intend to spend money. It’s easier to pickup sports, etc with better equipment.) But that’s a conversation for a different post!

The point is Elder Scrolls Legends offers new players a lot of ways to compete and enjoy the game without being heavily invested (financially.) If you are smart with how you spend your resources you can craft some competitive cards right from the start to help maximize your enjoyment of the game.

While writing this post I came across another good article that covers some of the same points I outlined here and some additional tips and tricks.

I would also HIGHLY recommend checking out CVH on YouTube. He does some great breakdowns of what cards you should be trying to obtain and explains why:

(Yes, the meta changes so videos like this can go out of date but keep up with them when they release for a good way to familiarize yourself with all the various cards in Elder Scrolls Legends.)

Another good resource is Legends Decks:

My small disclaimer would be: “don’t just go out and craft a bunch of cards because someone says they are good”.

Regardless of where you stand on “net decks” being good or bad, Legends Decks can be a good resource that allows you to see what cards keep getting used over and over in decks and to keep those cards on your radar. Once you put in a lot of hours in Legends you will start to recognize these cards anyway but just starting out it can be helpful to see what cards always seem to turn up in each deck of a given color.

Thanks for checking out this article! If you found it useful please let me know in the comments below and I will consider doing more posts like this in the future!

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