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Bethesda Video Game Documentary

I finally had chance to checkout the Bethesda Softworks documentary from Noclip and was really taken back by how interesting it was. Some of the more interesting parts of the documentary were hearing about Todd Howard's beginnings with the company, the size of the original development teams, the early struggles the company faced and where everything they learned has taken them to this day.Read More

Welcome to the Elder Shrine

Hello travelers... Welcome to the Elder Shrine! I have startedĀ this website as a creative outlet dedicated to one of my favorite game series of all time; the Elder Scrolls. This site will be a collection of things I enjoy and find interesting about the Elder Scrolls universe as well as my own personal projects related to theĀ games. If you are a long time Elder Scrolls fan, I am glad to meet you and if you are new to the Elder Scrolls then welcome to one of the most rich gaming universes in existence. Thank you for checking out my site and safe travels in the realm of Mundus...Read More