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How to Install and Play Elder Scrolls Arena

How to Play – The Elder Scrolls: Arena

If you are an Elder Scrolls fan or someone who is new to the series you may be curious or nostalgic about where it all began.

There are actually numerous titles in the Elder Scrolls series. Some of which are lesser known than others (Travels, Battlespire, Redguard, etc.)

Today we will be installing and playing the very first entry into the series; The Elder Scrolls: Arena.


Arena can be downloaded for free directly from Bethesda’s website:

The game can no longer be download directly from Bethesda’s website so I am providing an alternate link to the files from the Elder Scrolls Wiki:

Unzip the file you downloaded and run the Arena106.exe setup file t...

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Elder Scrolls Legends Dark Brotherhood Wallpapers

Elder Scrolls Legends Dark Brotherhood Wallpapers (1920 x 1080 resolution)

Please enjoy the selection of Elder Scrolls Legends wallpapers for your PC. Just click on an image, then right-click and select “Save image as” to save the wallpaper to your PC.

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